Four Parts Of The Universe

“Four Parts Of the Universe” is a story about love. Not just a love story, though. It’s about eternal love, the kind that never ends, the one that lasts for more than one life. The kind of love everyone is searching for. Except for maybe, Matt - he’s too busy living the classic rock-star’s dream featuring music, drugs and girls. Lots of them, to be honest. It’s all going great until begins to fall apart.
Rain, on the other hand, is a dreamer. She recovers from one failed relationship and, with her eyes wide open, jumps straight into another. Her passion for antiques drags her into a new adventure that, like every castle-builder’s wish, begins in dreams.
Wishful thinking is not something, Ed is familiar with. His life used to be strictly practical, however, Ed suffers from solitude, that even he fails to recognise. Even in a relationship he is still being lonesome. But changing that means changing his whole life.
Changes are also the thing Charlie is craving for. She’s been playing warm family life for long enough to get tired, so now she is ready for another step. Only she has no idea, where exactly is that step supposed to be leading her and how many people she might hurt on her new way.

In their Universe everything and everyone is connected, but that’s yet to be learnt.

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